The Wall Series:  Pathway to the Cliffs


This is the first of the Wall series — a multi-dimensional program designed to teach you everything you need to know to climb at your best.  This clinic covers the basics of movement, from weight shifting, moving to balance, to dynamic moves.  This series requires 2-two hours sessions one week apart.

Pre-requisites:  GEMSTONE Belay Certified

When:  TBA

Cost:  TBD


This is the second in the Wall series.  Bouldering is great way to test skills and improve strength and endurance.  You’ll learn about dynamic moves, body position, different hold techniques, mantles, finger-locks, and dynos.  Bouldering allows you to learn advanced and difficult skills close to the ground with a soft landing.  This clinic is 2 two hour sessions

Pre-requisites:  GEMSTONE belay certified

When:  TBA

Cost:  TBD


This third level in the Wall series brings it all together!!  We introduce you to the sharp end of the rope with competent and enthusiastic instructors — and it is our goal that the introduction be rewarding.  We focus on both lead climbing and lead belaying. Belaying a leader uses the same skills as top rope belaying, but with a different attitude.  We reinforce commands, checking knots and harnesses, rope handling, belaying, and communication.  This is a minimum of 2–two hour sessions.  It covers all the skills necessary to begin your leading experience.

Pre-requisites:  GEMSTONE belay certification, competent and climbing at 5.9 level or better.  Climbers are responsible for providing their own safety equipment, including rope, belay device, harness, chalk bag, and shoes.

Cost:  TBD

Advanced Leading — the mental game

This fourth in session of the Wall Series helps you advance in your knowledge of climbing.  If being on the sharp end makes you nervous, or you have trouble climbing to your limit on lead, like you would on top rope, this course will help.  Our GCC staff has put together a 3 hour program on how to improve your lead climbing.  Taking falls, shaking out, efficient clipping, sequence vision, and resting techniques are all part of this comprehensive program.  We work with both the mental and physical side of being on the sharp end.

Pre-requisites:  GCC lead certification, competent at 5.9 level or harder, age 16 or older.

When:  TBA

Cost:  TBD

Intro to Rappelling

Learning to rappel can be frightening and exhilarating.  Our rappel tower and instructors provide a comfortable indoor environment to learn this basic and important skill.  This course covers the basics of safe rappelling:  harness use, belay safety techniques, different rappel devices and how to use them, back-ups, safety knots, and more.  This is a must for a new climber or for someone looking for a new experience.

Pre-requisites:  None

When:  TBA, please call to reserve a lesson time (session generally last 1 to 1.5 hours)

Cost:    TBD

Intro to Self-Rescue

So you’re on the rock and a storm is coming in and you need to “bail.”  This Self-Rescue clinic will show you how to get you and your partner out of tough situations.  Skills taught include tandem rappels, assisted hoists, emergency ascending, prussic knots … our instructors will show you how to deal with unexpected situations with minimal gear and maximum safety.  This is a must course for any serious climber.  If you spend enough time in the mountains, you will need to know these skills.

Pre-requisites: GCC belay certified, 18 years or older, ARC Top Rope Anchors or equivalent.

When: TBA

Cost:    TBD