Our fitness areas are located on the second floor and have the equipment and tools necessary for general fitness and to propel any basic climber to an elite climber.  Whether its strength training, cardio, or climbing specific system training, we have the tools and equipment necessary:  bikes, treadmills, elliptical, rowers, training rig, squat racks, cargo netting, climbing ropes, battle ropes, sleds, kettle bells, dumb bells, monkey bars, peg boards, punching bag, salmon ladder, and so much more… We also have a stretching area so you can take a break from the grind and limber up.

Our yoga/pilates/fitness room has been specially designed to be able to heat up and cool down to facilitate a variety of classes, including Hot Yoga.  We have recruited some of the area’s best instructors to offer a full spectrum of classes for the young, old, male, female, beginners, and advanced.  It is our belief that anyone and everyone benefits from yoga and Pilates.  Whether you need to relax after a long day at work, stretch and tone the core muscles, ease achy muscles, or elasticize and strengthen the pivotal areas to help you reach your training goals.  The majority of classes are included in your membership.  An additional monthly charge will be added to all memberships who desire to participate in Hot Yoga classes.  Please see our monthly calendar for the class schedule and please feel free to talk with us about requested classes and times that work best for you.  We are here for you and if we can get a large enough group to support that class and time slot, we will make it happen. 


This is an everyday yoga practice designed for all levels. It combines the core poses and principles of Bikram Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. It is a unique set sequence of 80 mins with a specific beginning, standing poses, flow and lying down series. This class is set to music and in a heated practice environment. Room is heated to approx. 95-100 degrees. The heat and humidity in class allows for our muscles to lengthen and stretch. Students are encouraged to bring their own mat, yoga towel/large towel to cover your mat and water!

Know What to Expect Before Your First Hot Class!
To get the most out of your practice and enjoy the experience, we recommend that you:
-Arrive 10 minutes prior to class to register and get settled in for your practice
-Discuss any health issues with your yoga teacher
-Come to class on an empty stomach
-Wear something you are comfortable sweating in
-Bring a yoga mat and large towel to put over your mat
-Listen to your body and take breaks as often as needed
-There are showers at the gym to use after class

Cost: Non-Members = Day Pass + $5/class.
Members = + $3/class or $20/month unlimited


Power Yoga uses strength poses and postural/core exercises to help improve strength, power, mobility and flexibility. Power Yoga will also focus on joint stability, postural endurance and balance. Class session will end with relaxation but is high energy throughout the postural poses. This class can be very challenging but can be modified for any level. Power Yoga does not require flexibility and with time you will notice that your aches and pains disappear as you reach improved postural stability.

Cost: Non-Members = Day Pass
Members = Included (FREE)


This workout led by Julie Ellis, PT uses Pilates Method plus an additional series of high energy balance poses, challenging core activities and body weight transitions from standing to kneeling to floor exercises that will tone your entire body. This class will challenge even the most fit athletes to improve their core endurance and improve posture. Julie will modify this workout according to your individual needs while coaching proper biomechanics throughout class so it is safe for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Cost: Non-Members = Day Pass
Members = Included (FREE)


Yo-Pi Flow is a Yoga, Pilates Tai Chi class led by Aubrey Spencer that flows through each track. The class starts with a tai-chi warm up, moves through traditional yoga sun salutations, standing strength and balance, then moves to Pilates ground work focusing on core and back training. The class will finish with deep stretches, a tai-chi cool down and finish with a relaxation track focusing on bringing mind and body back as one. This class is beginner-advance friendly with modifications available.

Cost: Non-Members = Day Pass
Members = Included (FREE)