Hi, my name is Luke Scarrow. I am the current Program Coordinator/Instructor here at Gemstone Climbing Center. I have been climbing for over four years. I got my start at the College of Southern Idaho through taking courses with Shawn Willsey in 2013. Since then, climbing has been a huge part of my life and is responsible for most of my current friendships and other successes outside of climbing. I am currently a Nationally Registered Paramedic and working towards applying to PA school. I have been providing private and youth instruction for 8+ years as a swim coach for a youth swimming league in Jerome, ID and now as a climbing instructor here at Gemstone. My love for teaching and climbing has come together here at Gemstone in an awesome way. For me, climbing was and has been a way to center myself outside the daily stresses of school and day-to-day life. It has also brought some amazing people into my life that will be lifelong friends. Teaching here at Gemstone, I have been able to share my love for climbing and all the benefits that it can bring into your life physically and mentally.

Jocelynn Smith is a local Twin Falls climber who began her climbing career in 2010 climbing outdoors with friends. Dierkes Park was her original stomping ground, but since then, her love and passion for climbing has taken her to explore iconic climbing meccas such as Yosemite National Park, towers in Moab Utah, and icy waterfalls in Hyalite Canyon MT and Ouray CO. Her notable climbing accomplishments include 1st place in Boulderfest 2016, first woman to ice climb on Shoshone Falls proper, and was part of the first ascent party on “Junk Rock” variation of The North Face Direct route on Mount Borah, Idaho’s tallest peak. Jocelynn’s climbing repertoire includes, sport climbing, traditional climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, and alpine mountaineering. Jocelynn has worked to build the local climbing community and protect local climbing access as a climbing activist and founding member of the Southern Idaho Climbing Coalition. Her other passions include white water kayaking, snowboarding, music, and parachuting sports. She works as a registered nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital but considers sharing rock climbing with students her “real job.” “I love teaching rock climbing because when I see my students feeling stoked, I feel my own passion for climbing come to the surface. Teaching renews my love for the sport everyday.” -Jocelynn

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