FREE YOGA JUNE 3 – JUNE 9, 2019!!!!

June 3 – June 9 is Idaho Yoga and Awareness Week. Gemstone Climbing is proud to announce FREE YOGA to EVERYONE that week! Pre-registration is recommended. An online liability waiver is required prior to all classes. Find the waiver and sign up for your free classes at

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By special request Kim is hosting a yoga arm balance clinic! The class begins with effective yoga breathing to support the spine and build internal heat. Then we warm up the spine for optimal movement. We will spend time moving the entire body through asanas (poses) and flows to build strength, stability, flexibility and fluidity. Followed by a short break we will then go through a handful of arm balances step by step so you can begin the practice of flying! This class will be fun, inspiring and challenging. Be prepared to fall but also to fly!