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Sales Manager: Base Salary (based on experience) + Commission

The Sales Manager (SM) will have the primary responsibility of sharing the Gemstone Community with the Twin Falls and greater Magic Valley area through personal interactions and communications. These interactions/meetings/social events/invitations to Gemstone will be primarily focused on the development of relationships with corporate and commercial entities (i.e. Cliff Bar, Chobani, Glanbia, City of Twin Falls, Falls Brand, Plant Therapy, Scout Groups, etc. just to name a few). This person will act as the liaison and point of contact for each of these developed relationships.

While working with his/her clients the SM will offer all of the major services provided by Gemstone including but not limited to membership, the benefits of climbing/yoga/fitness, team building, summer and holiday parties, large event venue, customized corporate retreats, and general lifestyle for their employees and their employees’ families.

The SM will be responsible for spear heading, attending (or staffing as necessary), and representing Gemstone at community events such as races, festivals, health fairs, civic events, and such. The SM will be responsible for maximizing sponsorship participation within the facility and/or online during normal operation (banner space by our retail vendors) and during Gemstone events such as comps, music nights, and other publicly marketed events to increase marketing dollars.

The SM will assist with the development and implementation of events and classes to bring in additional revenue and provide additional entertainment and physical/mental/social benefits for the Gemstone members and community. He/she will work with the management team to provide a solid and beneficial marketing plan and assist with the implementation of said plan.
The SM will assist with the sales and marketing to continue to promote and grow the Gemstone Youth Scholarship Fund providing financial assistance to those in need.
It is the goal of the SM to fill the current program offerings of Gemstone and meet base requirements (see below in compensation description). As program growth occurs the SM will work with the Program Director to develop and incorporate additional programs, classes, and events to continue to increase revenue.

The SM will be responsible for teaching and instructing Gemstone floor staff how to effectively collect more on floor sales through personal one on one sales trainings. This position will be initially 20-30 hours per. There may be some weeks that will require additional time dedicated to events.

The SM will be required to keep a contact management system (journal, app, or spreadsheet) of all calls, emails, contacts made, and all discussions recorded. A minimum of 4 potential client contacts (calls, emails, meetings, demonstrations, etc.) must be made daily or 20 contacts made weekly. Follow-up journal entries must be recorded. Invitations to the gym are highly recommended and the SM will be responsible for the coordination of such tours/demonstrations. The advertising budget must be developed by the SM with review and approval by the GM and CFO the month prior. This description is subject to change and tasks may increase as the SM performs well with the current tasks and opens new opportunities.

The Sales Manager Position must be applied for directly through the General Manager, Hailey Barnes via email

Please Provide:
* Resume
* Cover Letter
* References
* Any additional information describing your personality, drive/ambition for sales/marketing, and/or experiences showing exemplary performance in the sales industry.