Event Info:

Olympic style Biathlon converted into climbing and nerf

This is a two person team event. Sniper 1 climbs with 5 bullets loaded and shoots at Target 1. Each miss results in a penalty run around the boulder by Sniper 2. The shooter is not allowed to take their next shot until their team member has finished their lap(s). This is repeated for 3 targets and the total time from the beginning of Sniper 1’s climb to Sniper 2’s penalty runs will be marked. Next Sniper 2 takes their turn and completes the same climbs & shots with Sniper 1 running the penalties. A lowest total combined time will be used to determine the SEND, SHOOT, SCOOT Champion!

This is a friendly fun competition. The climbs will be easy 5.7 climbs. Bring your own “calibrated” nerf-style gun and a sling to safely transport it to the top for the shots.

Scooter’s Bar & Grill will be hosting the food after the competition. Each competitor receives dinner and 1 drink with their admission. Additional beverages can be purchased.


Includes the competition, food, and 1 drink


1. Teams of 2 are needed, free agents will be assigned to a team day of event.
2. The team will be timed from when the climber leaves the ground until their partner finishes their last lap.
3. Each team must provide their own “Nerf” gun and attachment to themselves. They team must climb with said gun.
4. When the climber hits the top of the climb, they must pass them self in and unholster their gun and begin to shoot the targets.
5. There will be a total of 3 climbs to shoot 3 targets with 5 shots per target.
6. For each target missed the climber’s team mate must run a lap around the boulder (time counts during the running). The sniper is not allowed to climb for the next target until their partner is finished with their lap(s).
7. Enjoy, food, cheer on fellow competitors, and wait for the winner to be announced!



This is your child’s opportunity to climb with their peers in a fun environment tailored to them. During this two hours the kids will climb (1:5 ratio), eat pizza, play games, laugh, and meet new friends. This also gives you as the parent the opportunity to get some much needed/deserved time to do what you want to do. You can climb, go on a date night, do grocery shopping, OR participate in our simultaneous “adult” fitness classes that we pair with this event (Kettlebells for Beer, Kickup and Un-Wine, Send & Scoot, or many others we are planning).

Please Click Here to Check Dates & Sign Up Your Kid(s)!


Group events at GEMSTONE are for all ages and are a great alternative to standard-issue events.  These are tailored to your needs whether it be for a corporate event, non-profits, families, friends, or youth field trips.  Climbers are pushed to use their brains and brawn to solve problems, communicate effectively, and trust their fellow climbers.  Similar to our Team Building programs, this event is only 1 1/2 hrs.

Call Oliver @ 208-329-7257 For Times, Pricing & Availability


Both public and private school groups are offered discounted rates for groups up to 50 participants/session.  As with our other group events, climbers are pushed to use their brains and brawn to solve problems, communicate clearly, and learn to trust their fellow climbers.

Call Oliver @ 208-329-7257 For Times, Pricing & Availability