The home school youth program is designed for kids of all experience levels and is offered during the middle of the week when school is in session. Climbing is a great way to offer PE for your home school group as climbing engages the whole body and provides problem solving in a fun environment. We utilize a combination of instruction and games to expose kids to the fundamentals of climbing in a fun and structured environment. Climbers are broken up into age categories. This program is offered year round and all gear is included. If the times offered do not work for your home school group, please contact our Program Director, 208-329-7257, Ext. 1, to find a time that works best for you. *We do have a 5 kid minimum per class session.*

Youth climbing class cancellation must occur within 24 hours of the scheduled first class of the session and class reimbursement will be refunded the balance minus a $20 registration fee. Caveat: If the child does not like the class after the first class of their session they may cancel and be refunded the balance minus the $20 registration fee. If the child continues after the first class no further refunds will be given.

If no reservations are available for a particular class, Participants may join the waitlist. As they become available, class reservations are offered by email or text (depending on when the reservation becomes available) to Participants on the waitlist on a first come, first served basis.