Our youth have so much going on in today’s fast paced world that we feel that it’s also important for them to learn to take deep breaths, focus on themselves, and know that it is okay to take a 10 minute savasana to reprogram for their next life challenge. Not only is yoga fantastic for our youth’s minds, it is equally wonderful for their bodies. Long limber muscles open the opportunity for muscles to grow and develop.

Yoga is a powerful tool to provide clarity to our busy children. Join our Amazing Child Specific Certified Yoga Instructor, Paige Blumenthal, for her Kula Kids Yoga sessions.

This class is held on a monthly basis, 1 class per week per child. If a student misses a week refunds are not given. However, the day could be made up in another class with at least 1 week prior coordination and approval from Mandy Adamson, Program Director.

Additional 20% Discount for families with more than 1 child enrolled per session.


Members $30/Month or $8/drop-in
Non-members $35/Month or $10/drop-in

Ages 5-8

    Tuesday 5 pm – 6 pm


    Ages 9-13

      Thursdays 5 pm – 6 pm

      SIGN UP 9-13 KIDS HERE