MEMBERSHIP PLANS Adult *Student / Military / Senior *Youth *Family 2 *Family 2+
GEMSTONE 1 Year Prepaid $600 $550 $450 $1000 $1000 + $250/person
GEMSTONE Monthly EFT $60 $55 $45 $100 $100 + $25/person
1 Month Prepaid*

(No Commitment)

$85 $80 $70 $150 $150 + $35/person
Studio ONLY Monthly EFT $50

Note: EFT & 1 Year Prepaid Memberships Require $25 Initiation Fee

1 Year Prepaid Membership

  • Non-Refundable
  • Cannot be frozen
  • $25 Initiation Fee per Membership
  • May be transferred to new member of same or lower classification due to injury or moving of current member. Must be transferred by current member at Gemstone.
  • Begins on start date and ends 12 calendar months later.

Gemstone EFT Membership

  • Cannot be transferred
  • 3 Month Commitment transferring to monthly EFT (electronic funds transfer)
  • No Cancellation Fee after 1st 3 Month commitment
  • Each member may freeze membership individually, after initial 3 months, for a maximum of 3 months per calendar year for $8/member
  • $25 Initiation Fee per Membership
  • May be cancelled prior to 3 month commitment for $75 Cancellation Fee

No Commitment 1 Month Membership

  • Cannot be frozen or refunded
  • Begins on start date and ends 1 calendar month later.

Studio ONLY Monthly EFT

  • 10% off of pro shop purchases
  • 2 guest passes per month
  • Discount on special event yoga classes

Membership Benefits (not included in Studio EFT)

  • Unlimited Climbing (some special classes, events, etc. have additional charges)
  • Unlimited Hot Yoga, yoga & fitness (some special classes may have additional charge)
  • Use of cardio and strength/fitness area
  • Free “Boulder Better” and “Route Ready” climbing classes
  • Free 1st Lead Climbing Class per Member (ages 14+ and prerequisites apply)
  • Monthly Member In-House Fun Comps
  • Quarterly Member Events (Potlucks, Movie Screenings, Karaoke, Live Music, etc.)
  • Monthly Member Skills Classes (gear, jargon, injury prevention clinics, etc.)
  • Towel service
  • 10% Discount on all retail
  • Discounts on Gemstone classes
  • Discounts on Gemstone Special Events, Clinics, and more…
  • Memberships receive 2 guest passes per membership (*2 per family membership OR 2 per individual membership) per calendar month. These guest passes include shoes, harness, and chalk bag when needed.
  • Automatic withdrawal by credit or debit card each month or once a year
  • EFT members may freeze membership $8 per month/member (Must freeze by the 1st of the month; mid-month freezes start on the 1st of the next month).
    • EFT members may freeze their memberships for a maximum of 3 consecutive months no more than once in one calendar year.
  • Family members on Monthly EFT may freeze independently.
  • One – year contract with a $75 fee if cancelled within first year
  • After Membership contract expiration, membership is subject to change to any new rates and benefits. Notice will be emailed out to members prior to said changes/modifications.
  • Membership will continue to be billed until Customer Change Form is filed with Gemstone Climbing Center.


  • Child: Ages 6 and under.
  • Youth: Ages 7-13 years old.
  • Student: Ages 14-17 or full-time college/university student.  College students must be taking 12 credits (or 6 graduate credits) and show current student ID.  Class schedule and student ID required for memberships and punch cards.
  • Military: (active & non-active) must show current ID.
  • Senior: Ages 65+.
  • Family 2 is two persons, a couple romantically involved and living at same address, or may be one parent and one child.  Membership is paid by one designated person.  If couple’s relationship dissolves, may be converted to 2 individual memberships.
  • A Family is a maximum of 2 adults (18+) and the balance of individuals under age 17 all living in the same household and membership paid for by one designated person.

    * Guest Passes: Each “Membership” receives 2 guest passes per month. Any guest may use ONLY 1 guest pass every 30 days.