Gemstone Rec Team 

Our Rec Team is coached by our USAC and CWI certified coaches. They are passionate about the sport of climbing and how it impacts the mental, physical, and emotional well being of those who participate. Climbing is a team sport during practice but individual during competition. It is beautiful to watch these youth build each other up and cheer each other on to be the best them they can be. Each climbs to their own ability and each has their strengths and weaknesses. At Gemstone we become humbled and quickly learn to appreciate all for what they bring to the sport.

The Rec Team is for climbers who have experienced climbing through the Gemstone Youth Climbing School, love it, and want to get better with like minded/aged kids with the instruction of our coaches. Each individual will learn to climb with finesse, clean footwork, controlled movement, balance, coordination and confidence. Each climber will improve in their fluidity, strength, and flexibility. The Rec Team will compete in local quarterly competitions and will not be expected to travel to any USAC competitions. This team is great for those with busy schedules unable to commit to the strenuous requirements of our competitive team but still want to improve and progress further in this lifetime sport. Our coaches are psyched!

Each participant must qualify by either showing competency with a one on one session with a coach or have been passed off through our Youth Climbing School by a coach. Please contact Gemstone Climbing Center, ask for Justine, to set-up a tryout session or determine where your child should sign up.

Rec Team Ages 6-18

There are multiple sessions per week per age group. Each member will be required to attend a minimum of 1 x 1.5 hour session weekly but can attend up to 2 sessions/week (3 hours of climbing instruction).

For more questions please contact our Programs Director via email or phone 208-329-7257, ext. 1.

Rec Team will be competing in quarterly in-house competitions.

Ages 6+ Divided into groups during practice
Sunday 10 am – 12 pm (Not Required – Climb with a Coach)
Monday 4:30-6 pm
Thursday 5:30-7 pm

Rec Team Member must attend a minimum 1 of 3 sessions/week but are encouraged to come to 2.


Members $100/month
Non-Members: $115/month

Possible Additional Fees

Local Comp Entry Fees ($35-$55/comp)
Team Apparel (TBD)