Team building can be a powerful means to unite a group, develop strengths, improve communication, and address weaknesses.  Our Team Building staff will work with your coaches/managers to find out what challenges you are facing and identify your goals.

Our program is based on identified successes in ground-based initiatives and can be combined with optional low or high ropes elements.  Teams leave our gym vitalized, energized, better knowledge of themselves and each other — a perspective we have found is carried forward to daily lives and the work environment.


This package includes 1-1.5 hours of team building initiatives led by our instructors whose goals are to get your team communicating and energized.  Once you’re team is warmed up, they move to 1-1.5 hours of climbing with our trained staff working the safety/belay ropes.  Gemstone Staff closes down sections of the gym for these sessions to allow for complete dedication to your team event! This is a great option for companies needing a quick team building to energize their employees or for teams needing a break from their normal practice schedule.

Once the team building is complete our staff will go over those lessons learned

Cost:    $350 for up to 10 participants (includes a day pass and free rental gear)

$30 for each additional participant


This is our most comprehensive package and is tailored to accomplish coaching/management goals.  Our facilitators will customize a program to meet goals in communication, team problem solving, trust building, among others.  Options may include high and low ropes elements, trust falls, leap of faith, group workshops, among other exercises to take your team to the next level.

When:              At Request of Client

Cost:    TBD  for up to 10 participants (includes gear, 1 free day pass for another climbing day)

TBD for each additional


A step up from our ALCOVE session, this package includes 2 hours of low-ropes elements designed to enhance.  Once your team is on board and energized, our staff will supervise climbing elements to challenge and reward personal growth and initiative.  If you’re more serious about team growth, this one’s for you.

Cost:    TBD  for up to 10 participants (includes gear, 1 free day pass for another climbing day)

TBD for each additional