Our fun filled youth climbing school will inspire confidence and spark a desire to increase climbing skill while installing the benefits of an active life style from an early age. This program is appropriate for youth 3 to 16 years of age and introduces the foundations of climbing in a fun filled environment. New climbers will learn the fundamentals of climbing terminology, technical skills, and efficiency of movement. As the child increases their climbing skills they will have the opportunity to advance to the next level (Gemstone Recreational Team) of climbing or may repeat the course for further skill development. Climbers will learn through fun and games, social interaction and of course climbing under the guidance of our climbing coaches as they improve not only their climbing skills but their life skills as well. Participants will have the chance to improve focus, teamwork, problem solving, confidence and much more. Our coaches will help climbers reach new heights and goals while improving their confidence and skills both inside the gym and out!


Bring your child in on a day pass and see if they enjoyed their experience. If they didn’t make it to the top, that’s ok! Some of our best team athletes were scared and are now thriving in strength and confidence. What they need is the desire to come again and have fun!


Once you know your child is interested in climbing, join our “After School Program”, also offered during the Summer months, to move your child quickly up in the sport of climbing with our Climbing Wall Association Certified Instructors!


Once your child has graduated our Intermediate After School Program they will be recommended by their coach to Rec Team. This is a fun team that begins using the skills learned to advance and have fun with like-minded youth. The coaches begin introducing a strength and endurance program to compliment their new technique and movement skills.


Advanced kids, recommended by their coaches, have the option to “try-out” for our USA Competitive Climbing Team (USAC Team) and begin training at a high level and travelling regionally to other to compete and earn points to qualify for Regionals, Divisionals, and Nationals in USAC!

Youth climbing class cancellation must occur within 24 hours of the scheduled first class of the session and class reimbursement will be refunded the balance minus a $20 registration fee. Caveat: If the child does not like the class after the first class of their session they may cancel and be refunded the balance minus the $20 registration fee. If the child continues after the first class no further refunds will be given.

If no reservations are available for a particular class, Participants may join the waitlist. As they become available, class reservations are offered by email or text (depending on when the reservation becomes available) to Participants on the waitlist on a first come, first served basis.