Top Rope Belay Certification Classes

This entry level class covers the basic skills needed to get started. Included in this class is instruction for operating ropes, knot tying, belay technique, catching a fall, and the commands. This class is available for ages 14 and older. Class is offered every Sunday at 1PM and every Wednesday at 7PM. Please tell the front desk ahead of time that you would like to attend this class. Class is only held if there are participants.

Prerequisites: None

Cost: Members FREE
Non-members $10 plus they must purchase a day pass & rent a harness-at minimum (if needed) to participate)

Lead Climbing

This is a two day class with two hours each day. Lead certification is required for all climbers who want to lead climb at GEMSTONE. Lead certification will be provided on an as needed basis and is provided only to experienced climbers or those completing the Gemstone Lead clinic. Knowledge expected includes, but is not limited to, the demonstration of and use of quick draws, carabiners, slings, knots, harnesses, commands, falling technique, movement, and fitness.

Prerequisites: Must be able confidently belay top-rope and send a 5.9 without pauses or major struggles.

Times:This class is held once per month with a 2 person minimum class size. Additional classes are available at the cost of Private Lessons.

Cost: Members: $40
Non-members: $75 including day pass

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Intro To Hang Board

This is a great class for those climbers who have developed the strength to climb strong without heavy muscle strain. Hang boarding is not for everyone and can destroy hands and arms quickly. If you are ready to begin the next level of training safely and efficiently, then this is the class for you!

Prerequisites: Must be a strong climber who has developed their hand muscles to take extra

Times: This class as one of our monthly member clinic rotations and there is no schedule. If you would like to request it for a certain month, please let us know!

Cost: Members: FREE (Rentals not included)
Non-Members: $15 + Day Pass & Rentals (as needed)

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Route Reading and Movement Climbing Class

We combined the elements of the Boulder Better class and the Route Ready class in our new "Route Reading and Movement Class!" This technique-based class is great for any level of climber looking for adult instruction. You'll learn body positioning, how to rest on the wall, climbing efficiency, hand and foot placement technique and common climbing moves. Prerequisite: None. This class is free to members and to non-members with a day pass. Everyone must have shoes and harness to patriate.

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Women's Climbing Series


Curious about the art of rock climbing? Are you new to climbing and want to learn from the ground up with our rock loving female coaches? Do you have experience, but would like to explore more in the company of other women with experienced instructors? Join us for a six week women's clinic and explore topics such as the history of women in climbing, belaying, technique, terminology, and physical/mental training.

This clinic is designed for beginner and intermediate women climbers over the age of 14. This 6-week program introduces women to rock climbing in a welcoming and judgement free environment.

The first 3 weeks is about Movement

  • Learning the best way to use any hold (direction, friction)
  • Learning the best way to use foot holds (on ground foot to hold, hovers, quiet feet)
  • Advanced movement (drop knee, rose move, stemming, etc.)
  • Mental
  • Breathing
  • Game Face
  • Slack Line
The second 3 weeks is about Power
Good training routines build stronger climbers. Each day will focus on Strength and/or Power, Power-Endurance, or Long-Term Endurance. We will teach you different training routines that incorporate warm-up, bouldering, strength, power, conditioning, and recovery.

Cost: $175 for members, $250 for non-members

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Crack Climbing Clinic

The most important skill for traditional climbing throughout the world is good crack climbing technique. Gemstone is proud to announce our INTRO TO CRACK CLIMBING CLINIC! Our instructors will cover the basics of this unique style of climbing and give you the skills and techniques to "ignite your addiction" for crack! Space is limited so sign up today!

Our clinic will cover the following:

  • How to "tape up"
  • Basics of hand and foot jams
  • Practice!
If time allows, we will also touch upon the following topics:
  • Jam without pain
  • Make crack climbing easier by becoming more efficient
  • Gain new footwork concepts
  • Be ready for any granite or sandstone area
  • Avoid unnecessary scrapes and bruises
  • Become a better all-around climber

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