Gemstone is taking the Idaho Pledge

Gemstone pledges to help keep Idaho’s economy open and build consumer confidence by maintaining safe, six-foot physical distancing for customers and employees, including if applicable:

  • Limiting the number of patrons in the business at a time
  • Establishing special hours of operations for patrons at greater risk of getting sick from COVID-19
  • Directing the flow of traffic by using floor markings, signage, and barriers to assist safe movement and maintain distancing

Gemstone pledges to help keep Idaho’s economy open by providing enhanced protective measures for customers and employees, including if applicable:

  • Requiring employees who may be sick to stay home and stagger work hours or positions and duties for employees who must be present for their protection
  • Encouraging employees and customers to wear cloth face coverings, if appropriate
  • Ensuring a clean, hygienic environment, including hand sanitizer and ample soap and water for regular and thorough hand washing
  • Enhancing cleaning and disinfecting efforts, especially in high touch areas including surfaces, equipment, handles or areas where items may be exchanged”

Our policy at Gemstone Climbing is to remain responsible and responsible in regards COVID 19 protocols.


• We encourage social distancing of 6 feet
• We monitor so that only 2 people are in each red zone unless family members
• We encourage everyone to WASH IN and WASH OUT
• We recommend washing between climbs if possible
• We encourage people to avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes
• We highly recommend masks for everyone
• We require personal belongings to be kept in cubicles
• We will cap the gym occupancy at 50 and enforce masks



• Key holders and floor assistants
• Anyone helping customers at the front desk
• Birthday hosts\assistants
• Bystanders\parents\grandparents



• Route setters
• Morning cleaning shift
• Managers while in the office
• Coaches \ Instructors
• Youth while in classes