Getting Started

Anyone can rock climb
At Gemstone, we can show you how to climb in a relaxed and fun environment. We have all the equipment you need and the staff to teach you and your family. People of all ages, background, and abilities enjoy rock climbing at our gym. Please come down and visit - we look forward to seeing you.
But I have never climbed
No problem. We'll start out from the beginning, giving you a tour of our gym from kid's climbing area, beginning, training, to advanced areas. We show you the ropes; safety equipment, belay devices, shoes, and harnesses. Our facility is capable of making the sport fun for beginners and challenging for the elite. We will teach you at the rate you want to learn. This is a great sport for all ages and abilities and we would love to have you become a part of it.
Have kids? Bring them with you
Climbing is a fun, family sport - and you may find kids are braver than their parents. We'll teach you how to control the ropes while they scale the walls. Appointment necessary. No minimum age for climbing: We have equipment specifically designed to fit tiny bodies.
No gear? No problem
Rentals are available. We have shoes, harnesses, and chalk bags to get you started. We also have a Pro Shop to outfit you as you move from beginner into advanced!
It's my first time at Gemstone
  1. Once you arrive, one of our staff will help you to get started.
  2. You'll need to sign a participation agreement. SIGN WAIVER HERE. For those under 18, a participation agreement must be signed by a parent (or court-appointed guardian). You can also complete an on-line participation agreement ahead of time by clicking here.
  3. We'll give you a tour and orientation of our gym and go over the rules and qualifications needed for climbing at Gemstone. This is required for everyone's first visit to Gemstone, and it just takes a few minutes.
  4. Equipment: We can either rent or sell you everything you'll need to get started Have more questions? Check out our FAQ for more information

Beginner/First Timers to Gemstone FAQ

Can anyone climb?
Climbing is a great activity for individuals and families at any age. We have members from all athletic backgrounds and abilities from toddlers to over 70. Anyone can climb at Gemstone.
Participation Agreement
All climbers must complete a participation agreement. If you're bringing a minor (under 18) please make sure to bring a signed participation agreement for the child or sign one ONLINE. You can complete a participation agreement on-line which allows you to get climbing right away. It can be filled out from any computer or mobile device. If no participation agreement is on file, the individual cannot climb - No Exceptions. We hate to turn away excited climbers, so please ensure we have or can get a valid participation agreement.
Can a grandparent/aunt/uncle/teacher/friend's parent sign the participation agreement for a child?
No. The participation agreement must be signed by the parent or a court-appointed guardian. They can be filled out on-line with a computer or mobile device or at our front desk kiosks SIGN ONLINE WAIVER HERE.
Is adult supervision required?
Adult supervision is required for all kids 13 and under. Our staff cannot be that supervisor.
Is any experience necessary?
No experience is necessary to climb at Gemstone. Our staff will teach you belay skills and rope handling skills.
Is an appointment necessary to use the gym?
We do require appointment for top rope belay lessons or day use of the gym. Please be aware, our staff will teach top rope belay lessons on a first come first served basis whenever we are open. We also offer refreshers for those who might be a little rusty. Gemstone requires appointments for top rope or lead tests.
What is Belaying?
Belaying is the process of taking the slack out of the rope as the climber ascends the wall. This means the belayer will stop a fall of the climber. A quick online review/lesson and a more thorough review on belaying can be seen in our "How to Belay" video and "How to fall when bouldering" video.
How long does it take to learn how to belay?
Safety is our first priority for all climbers! Therefore, if you are a new climber we encourage you to become belay certified by taking our 30 minute Intro to Climbing class that is offered by our front desk staff on demand and as available. Just ask them and they will get you taken care of when they can. This class goes through proper techniques of belaying, repelling, and basic climbing. This class is excellent to get any person on the wall. Members can take Boulder Better and Route Ready for free the first week of every month.
What is the minimum age to belay?
Do you provide belayers?
We do not provide belayers, but we are ready and willing to teach one or more of your party to belay. If, for any reason, belaying is not an option, we do offer an Auto-Belay system in a section of the gym and we offer pre-scheduled private lessons for an additional fee.
Is there an hourly rate?
We do not offer an hourly rate. Our day passes are valid on the date of purchase and for all hours we are open on that day.
What clothing is recommended?
Any clothes that do not restrict movement is great. If you are going to rent a harness, we suggest wearing a shirt you can pull down underneath the harness so it doesn't chaff.
What is the minimum age to climb?
We do not set a minimum age to climb. However, generally children under 3 have a difficult time with climbing. We do have a kids area which may be appropriate for your child. We do have full body harnesses and kids shoes for rent.
Do I have to buy a day pass if I'm just belaying my kids/spouse/friend?
No. If you are belaying for your kids or others, you do not need to purchase a day pass. Harnesses are available for rent ($3) if the belayer does not have their own.
Are climbing shoes required?
No, but they are highly recommended. Tennis shoes and sandals are too soft and will make the walls more difficult to climb.
Are shoes required?
Yes. Nobody wants to touch holds touched by sweaty feet - shoes are required to climb.
Are drinks/food allowed on the climbing floor?
No. Drinks and food must be confined to the party/meeting rooms, foyer, and social areas. No food or drinks are allowed on any of the climbing floors.

Day Pass FAQ

Do you offer student/military discounts?
We do offer discounts for students (with valid student ID) and all military personnel (with ID).
Is a day pass good for all day?
Yes. Day passes are good from opening till closing - you are welcome to leave and return.

Membership FAQ

Can a membership be started mid-month?
Yes. Any membership can be started mid-month. A one-month membership is good for one month from the date of purchase.
Which memberships come with guest passes?
GEMSTONE EFT, MONTHLY & PREPAID YEAR, and FOUNDERS memberships come with free monthly guest passes each month. Memberships receive 2 guest passes per membership (*2 per family membership OR 2 per individual membership) per calendar month. These guest passes include shoes, harness, and chalk bag when needed.
Which memberships can be frozen?
Each member may freeze their membership individually, after initial 6 months, for a maximum of 6 months per calendar year. The freeze fee is $8/member\month for everyone over 15 years old. Youth under 14 may freeze for free with family freeze. (Must freeze by the 20th of the month; mid-month freezes start on the 1st of the next month). EFT members may freeze their memberships for a maximum of 6 consecutive months in one calendar year. Annual prepaids cannot be frozen.

Rules & Policies

Climbing at Gemstone
At Gemstone our number one priority is you. To help foster this we offer free belay check and lesson to all patrons of the gym any time we are open on a first come first serve basis. All climbers using the ropes must either take a lesson, or go through our belay certification test process. All climbers must also watch our "bouldering video." We also offer free Route Ready and Boulder Better classes to all members. These classes are strongly recommended (but not required) and will teach you the skills to get on and off the wall! For a detailed explanation of Gemstone's climbing classes, click here...
Personal Responsibility
Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. Participation in this sport does have risk, some of which cannot be eliminated no matter how a facility is built. Please take care to ensure your own safety and that of those around you. Courtesy and respect for those climbing with you and around you helps prevent accidents and reduce risk. Our staff can teach you the best practices to reduce risk. If you wouldn't do it outside, please don't do it inside.
General Rules
  • All climbers and belayers must sign in at the front desk.
  • A signed participation agreement is required for all climbers and belayers. Those under 18 must have a participation agreement signed by a parent or court-appointed legal guardian.
  • Children aged 13 and younger must have an adult present at Gemstone at all times.
  • Unless prior consent is given, only Gemstone staff may provide instruction at Gemstone.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are not permitted at Gemstone.
  • Profanity or inappropriate language is not permitted at Gemstone.
  • Please do not bring food or drink onto the climbing floors (top rope and boulder padding).
  • Shirts are to be worn at all times
  • Please report any damage of flooring, walls, holds, or exercise equipment to Gemstone staff.
Climbing Rules:
  • All climbers must complete separate qualification tests with Gemstone staff before:
  • Top Rope Belaying or Climbing
  • Lead Climbing
  • Lead Belaying
  • Using the Auto-belay devices
  • Do not climb above or below other climbers.
  • Do not run, walk, step on, or swing on ropes.
  • Children age 13 and younger are not permitted in the bouldering areas without close supervision by an adult.
  • Please climb in appropriate shoes. No bare feet or boots.
  • Be chalk responsible - Help keep Gemstone clean.
  • Tie in using the follow-through figure-eight knot.
  • Adults may not climb solo above 15 ft. Children age 13 and younger may not solo climb higher than their head height.

Gemstone reserves the right to revoke climbing privileges at any time.

Please climb responsibly.