Gemstone and the Idaho Pledge

Gemstone Climbing Fitness and Yoga pledges to help keep Idaho’s economy open and build consumer confidence!

Our Phase 3 protocols include:

  • Requirement of masks in our gyms even when climbing if it is appropriate for you.

  • Maintaining social distancing by encouraging a safe, six-foot physical distance between customers and employees.

  • Limiting 50 people in the gym.

  • Limiting morning hours of 6am – 10am to members only and “at risk” customers.

  • Requiring washing of hands before climbing and working out.

  • Encouraging use of hand sanitizer through-out your stay.

  • Encouraging only 2 people per climbing zone as indicated by red strips unless close friends, roommates, and families.

  • Requiring personal belongings to be kept in cubbies or lockers in locker rooms. (Locks are available at the front desk with collateral).

Gemstone pledges to help Idaho’s economy by encouraging protective measures for customers and employees, we will:

  • Requiring employees with COVID symptoms to stay home.

  • Asking customers if they have had any COVID symptoms in the last 3 days.

  • Requiring masks for our employees.

Chalk, Virus and our HVAC System

Research completed 2 months ago showed 99.9% of virus was killed on contact with climber’s chalk dust. Testing of surfaces in the gym demonstrated chalk dust everywhere.

Our superior air quality is maintained with advanced electrostatic precipitators and filtration shown to remove particles smaller than the virus. Chalk presence on filters strongly suggests virus is killed through our air filtration system.

Gemstone Climbing Fitness and Yoga continues working to provide the best place for you to climb, exercise, relax and unwind.