Dear Gemstone Community, 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our temporary time of closure.  We are so appreciative of your support during this time, and hope you continue to stay well.
We are excited to announce our SOFT OPENING TO CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY on Monday, May 18th! We plan to open to the general public on Monday, June 1st! Our soft opening is for current non-frozen members. If you requested a freeze due to COVID, it will not be unfrozen until June 1st when we officially open. 

We understand the new safety protocols are not ideal, but to open and remain open we will follow the local and state recommendations the best we can. Our ability to keep the doors open and employ our staff is greatly dependent upon opening soon. We, like many others in this community are a locally owned community-based small business and rely upon the support of our members and guests. Remember these new conditions are for the safety of everyone…our staff, members, guests, family, and friends! 
New hours:
Monday – Friday 3pm  to 9pm
Saturday 10am to 9pm
Sunday 12pm to 8pm 

Capacity: The number of people in the gym, including staff, will be limited to 50. There will not be a reservation system. It will be first come, first serve but if this becomes an issue, we will re-evaluate.

Face masks: We highly encourage face masks be worn at all times. We will have disposable face masks available for purchase for $1.50. Our staff will be closely monitoring.
Liquid chalk: Liquid chalk is required and will be available for purchase. There is a temporary ban on all loose chalk.

Social distancing:  Climbing will be divided into zones. There will be 15 rope zones and 6 bouldering zones. Only 2 people will be allowed per zone. More than 2 per zone is okay if all are family members or from the same household. We cannot allow close groups of people unless in the same household anywhere in the gym. We will also have one door for entering and one door for exiting. Our staff will be closely monitoring the space between climbers to follow the recommended 6 ft guidelines. Please respect our staff as they monitor this, and always be respectful of others.

Hand washing: Our staff will be closely monitoring to make sure all who enter the building wash their hands before climbing or taking a class. They will be consistently asking people to wash their hands. We have restrooms on the main floor for washing hands including hand sanitizing stations. Wash in! Wash out! 

COVID symptoms:  Our staff will be trained on looking for any symptoms of sickness. We ask if you have been exposed to anyone who has had COVID symptoms to please stay home, this is for the safety of our staff and other climbers. Those who are at a high risk of COVID are asked not to come in. For a list of those at high risk please see

o Face masks, hand washing, and liquid chalk are not a substitute for social distancing
o All towels will be temporarily unavailable
o Water fountains will be temporarily unavailable
o Water bottles and personal belongings must be kept in a cubby or locker
o Showers can be used but bring your own towels; towels will not be provided
o Rental shoes, as always, will be disinfected after every use
o No bare feet allowed in the gym
Yoga and fitness specific:
o Pre-registration only, as space is limited to 10
o Book online at found on the calendar under adult classes
o OCR training is TBA.
o No refunds for no shows of classes and if you cannot make it, please cancel to free up your space
o Six feet recommended distancing will be followed with no adjustments from the teachers
o No towels, mats, or blocks will be provided. Paper towels will be provided for cleaning
o All fitness equipment must be thoroughly cleaned after use, with minimized sharing of equipment
o Masks are not required during class, only before and after
o Hand washing required before and after class
o Some classes will still be on Zoom per teacher preference


For questions: email or

Sale items: To purchase gift cards go to our homepage at, come in during operating hours or email us. To purchase punch cards, memberships or retail, please visit during business hours or email us.

Freezes: Memberships that were frozen due to COVID will be unfrozen starting June 1st, unless otherwise instructed. All those who froze their account due to our temporary closure had the freeze fee waived. However, if you choose to continue your freeze, there will be an $8 monthly freeze charge per membership starting June 1st.

Gift certs: If you chose to maintain your membership you can request a Gemstone gift certificate equal to the amount of your paid membership. Those must be requested and picked up in person during our normal business hours.

Pre-paid annual memberships: You will not get a gift certificate or a refund, we will instead extend your membership out two months.

Groupons\Certificates: Any of these that expired during our closure (March 19 to May 17) will still be honored.

Punch cards: Punch card holders can start using their punches again June 1st

Refunds: Spring Break Camps and Take On Me Comp fees have all be refunded, please email us if you did not receive your refund.

Komodo Dragons: We are still in the process of offering a replacement. If you prefer credit, please hang tight. If you prefer a refund, please email us.  

Birthday parties: If you paid for a birthday party and it was cancelled due to COVID, please contact us once we re-open to reschedule.Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and support. Stronger together!Gemstone Climbing Yoga and Fitness Team