Sponsorship Opportunities

Gemstone Climbing Center opened its doors November 2017 and has quickly had a positive impact on the youth in the Magic Valley. Gemstone announces its new partnership with United Way of South-Central Idaho to create a "Community School" for area children and families. This is an opportunity for scholarship programs to provide financial assistance for classes (climbing, obstacle course racing, yoga), youth day camps, or Gemstone memberships. This program will also support Gemstone and United Way's mission to provide after-school activities to community schools with a partnership with the YMCA. Area businesses and community members are welcomed to financially support, through a tax-deductible United Way donation, these non-traditional programs to continue to offer opportunities for youth and families.

Gemstone Demographics

In 2018, Gemstone had 49,562 visitors. At the end of 2018, our first year in business, we had 675 members.

We offer many different types of activities and programs to create an all-inclusive atmosphere.

  • Climbing (boulder, top rope, lead)
  • Yoga
  • Spartan Training (obstacle course races)
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Adult Climbing Classes
  • Youth Climbing School
  • Birthday Parties
  • Group Events (company, bridal, family, etc.)
  • Team Buildings

Opportunities to Contribute:

Business Banners

Inside our gym we have patrons moving from the ground level to the ceiling. We have several convenient locations for banners to be hung in our facility on a 6-month or 1-year contract. Each banner will have a maximum allowable space of 3'x6'. Businesses shall provide Gemstone with their banner of choice and Gemstone will return the banner to the business when their contract expires.

As the funds from these banners will be used for funding eligible participants, we are asking that the graphics include mention of "youth", "community", "inclusion", and other power words to describe the Company's ambitions to provide opportunities for people in the Magic Valley. We also ask that the background include some reference to climbing, yoga, fitness, or outdoors. This will ensure that the facility will maintain a strong focus on overall health.

9 - Banners above the large bouldering wall

  • Price per banner $1,600/12-month contract
  • Price per banner $900/6-month contract
  • Excellent visibility from the entrance, coming down the stairs, the main floor, and from upstairs balcony
1 - Banner above the exit door between the arete wall and the locker rooms
  • Price per banner $1,000/12-month contract
  • Price per banner $600/6-month contract
  • Good visibility to all those in the gym and can be viewed from all that take the stairs up to the 2nd floor
4 - Banners in the fitness area on the 2nd floor
  • Price per banner $1,000/12-month contract
  • Price per banner $600/6-month contract
  • Excellent visibility to all those who enter the 2nd floor (fitness & yoga clientele)
2 - Banners above the elevator entrance on the elevator shaft
  • Price per banner $800/12-month contract
  • Price per banner $500/6-month contract
  • Good visibility for all those in the main climbing area and looking back towards the entrance

Auto-Belay Sponsorship

The quickest and easiest method to climb is using our Auto Belays. These are devices that allow the climber to climb without having a belayer. First timers use them before they learn how to use the ropes and belay each other. Members use them as quick workouts to climb by themselves. Gemstone operates between 8-9 auto-belays depending on the rotation of scheduled maintenance. They are the most popular feature on our tall walls because of their versatility. Each Auto-Belay location has between 2-3 routes to climb with varying levels of difficulty to serve all/most patrons. Auto-Belay routes are changed every 4 weeks, thus sponsorship of that Auto-Belay would last 4 weeks.

What's Included:

  • 12"x12" maximum business banner placed at the top of the Auto-Belay.
  • Each route on the Auto-Belay will be named by a theme of your business.
Example: You own a pizza company. We could name the routes "Spicy Meatball", "Combination Nation", or "Veggie Delight". We could have some fun with it as naming routes is always entertaining and really highlight certain movements encountered.

  • $135/month = Sponsorship of 1 child to participate in a climbing class or week-long summer camp!

To Reserve Your Banner Location or Sponsor an Auto-Belay please fill out the attached Form and Mail it with the check to:

Gemstone Climbing Center
Attn: Hailey Barnes
135 5th Ave. S.
Twin Falls, ID 83301


Drop it off at Gemstone to personally select your location. Please email or call Hailey to setup a meeting, hailey@gemstoneclimbing.rocks or 208-329-7257, ext. 4.

United Way Sponsorship Form

To print off the sponsorship opportunities it is all described in this document.

Gemstone Sponsorship Opportunities 2019