Before you have a fantastic day at Gemstone Climbing Center, there are a few things that will help the check-in process go smoothly.

  1. Sign your waivers online. Each person that wishes to enter the facility must have a waiver signed, including babies and spectators. There are only two tablets for signing at the gym and could be congested during peak hours, so get ahead of the game!
  2. Kids under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times. This is within 20 feet in the family area and within an arm's reach in the adult section.
  3. We suggest a ratio of up to 2 children under 14 years of age to every supervising adult. This ensures that the adult's attention will not be too divided in the environment of increased risks. Staff are authorized to make a judgement call if your children are endangering others in the climbing area, and may ask you to leave. We do NOT want to do this. Please consider this beforehand.
  4. YES! You CAN climb in your street shoes. Please make sure they are clean with no mud or other debris on the soles. Employees will be inspecting shoes for cleanliness. Climbing shoes DO enhance the experience.
  5. Topping out on the boulder is for EXPERIENCED climbers only. If a child goes up, the supervising adult MUST go up with them.
  6. If you wish to Belay, Lead Belay or Climb, or use the Auto-Belays, you will need to be certified by the front desk. Only certain employees can Lead certify, so calling ahead to check availability is advised.
  7. Watch the Gemstone Safety Video!
  8. Have FUN! Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions.