Gemstone is the only Indoor Rock Climbing, Yoga and Fitness Gym in Southern Idaho. We have climbing for All Ages and All Abilities. We have yoga for All Ages and All Abilities. We have fitness classes and equipment for All Ages and All Abilities. There is something for here everyone. Time-Life Health magazine has said that indoor rock climbing is considered the Ultimate Full Body and Mind Workout.

We have top roping, lead climbing, and bouldering. We offer numerous youth classes and adult classes including climbing , yoga, fitness, ninja warrior and obstacle course classes.

We offer yoga in a variety of styles and heat. We have an 1100 square feet upstairs space that lends itself to everything from quiet meditation to powerful yoga styles including gentle, slow, warm and hot yoga (105 F and 50% humidity).

Our fitness classes are taught by a variety of teachers in our upstairs fitness area.

Gemstone was the first fully ADA (American Disabilities Act) accessible gym in the world. Today, other gyms are providing similar facilities and we applaud them.

Today we are providing some of the most advanced and effective therapy for disabilities from autism, MS, spina bifida, construction accidents, PTSD, CP with remarkable success. We believe those disabilities can lead a more full and fulfilling life and we built our gym as an expression of our commitment to them and their families.  Believe me when you read this, working with these kids and adults alike is an introduction to inspiration. Ask our volunteers! Dr. Kevin Kraal talking about his first experience: “This has been the BEST climbing day in 40 years of climbing!