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Yoga and Fitness classes are FREE to members

Per drop in class $10

10 shareable punches for $80 – ever expire!

Unlimited yoga and fitness for $45\month

Obstacle Course Racing: prices are extra – see OCR section

For more information on yoga and fitness classes including OCR, please email the Operations Manager\Fitness Director or call 208-329-7257 x 2.

Class Descriptions

HOT FLOW YOGA: It is a movement based class with a strong emphasis on breath, strength, and flexibility. The classes are powerful, vigorous, energetic and playful. Moving mindfully through poses allows beginners, intermediate, and advanced students to be challenged all in the same class. The room is heated to help cleanse the body and warm the muscles. The class length is 60 minutes. 

GENTLE YOGA: No Heat Gentle Yoga is a great way to revitalize the body, restore internal balance, relax the mind and release stress. It’s a slow-moving class that synchronizes slow movement with slow breathing. The class will have some flow, some deep stretching, and some restorative poses. It is a gentle way to give your whole body a gentle buzz of energy. Because it offers nurturing, kindness and compassion for the body, it is great for all levels including beginners. 

SLOW FLOW AND FLOW YOGA: The room is slightly heated to warm the muscles and tissues. The class begins with a slower warm up, a slower flow of poses and ends with restorative postures. You will feel balanced, stretched out and relaxed. The class length is 60 minutes. 

WARM RESTORATIVE YOGA: The room is heated to 86 degrees to allow the body to relax. You will be put in gentle and long held poses to allow tissue and muscle tension to dissolve. This is the perfect class for beginners, injured, athletes or anyone else who just needs a nice gentle yoga class.  The class length is 60 minutes.  

STATE FLOW YOGA: A well-balanced asana class paired with the steady cadence of breath to create a state of flow. Class includes basic pranayama and meditation to foster focus, clarity, and self-regulation through inner reflection. 60 minutes. Room heated to comfortable temperature. 

BODY ROCK BOOTCAMP WITH THERON: Come start your Monday with an early morning high intensity workout! Challenge yourself to build your endurance, your mental and physical strength, all while improving you overall health! All levels of fitness are welcome! Join our community of likeminded health & fitness nuts!

HIGH INTENSITY BOOTCAMP: Need a butt kicking workout? This is it! You’ll do a high intensity workout using weights, cardio equipment and body resistance. This class is so fun you won’t even know you’re working out!

BODY ROCK BOOTCAMP WITH REBEKAH HORN: We work on developing well-rounded athletes through a mix of strength training and metabolic conditioning. There is an emphasis on functional fitness & varied movements meaning the class never gets boring. All movements can be modified to fit your ability level making this the perfect class for everybody.

HUMP DAY FITNESS WITH CHELSEA LYDA: Get over that mid-week hump by coming to a fun workout with Chelsea every Wednesday morning at 6AM! This early morning class will incorporate cardio equipment, weights and high energy to get in a total body workout. Bring a friend and start your Wednesday off right!


OCR Training is Obstacle Course Race Training. This group class is a strength and endurance workout that offers challenge and achievement through overcoming obstacles in a fun environment. The class will utilize the climbing walls, obstacle rig, fitness room and gym equipment both inside and outside of the building. Athletes will develop fitness and key skills to get them ready for their next race – aerobic capacity, grip strength, carries, lifting, climbing and traversing.

Ages 12+ years old and up are welcome to join

Pricing: Members drop in for $10 (pre-pay online or purchase at the gym)
Non-members drop in for $15


Kim DePew

Kim is the Operations Manager and Yoga Teacher at Gemstone Climbing. She  received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved certification through Shanti Yoga School of McCall. She has numerous other yoga and group fitness certifications as her passion has been in wellness as long as she can remember. In the past 10+ years she has taught over 4500 yoga classes ranging from Power yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Restorative yoga, Yin yoga, Hiit yoga, Buti yoga, Couples yoga, Partner yoga, Private yoga, Children Yoga and Online classes. She started doing yoga as a result of debilitating back pain and it soon changed her life. In fact she would say it saved her life. Soon she developed a longing to help others see and feel the same effects and she began teaching. By teaching yoga, she found her belonging and passion. On her yoga journey she has inspired many along the way, some of which have gone on to become teachers themselves.

Dre Olsen, Yoga Teacher

Rebecca Horn

Rebecca has been a fitness instructor at Gemstone Climbing since November of 2020. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan and holds a PhD from New Mexico State University and works locally as a Fisheries Geneticist. She has been involved in sports from a young age and currently focuses on endurance sports and strength training. She loves working with both novice and advanced athletes and can easily tailor all workouts to your ability. Come see Rebecca every Tuesday evening at 6pm for a weight training and conditioning workout and on Saturdays for our fun group fitness class!

Joybeth Stewart

Joybeth (Joy) began practicing yoga 10 years ago right here in the Magic Valley.  Previously she was very fond of running and other cardio fitness activities.  Unfortunately she began experiencing pain in her knees and could no longer run.  She turned to yoga as an alternative fitness activity.  She fell in love immediately.  Yoga forced her to slow down; something she didn’t realize she needed until yoga made her practice it.  Not only had she been used to heart-pumping exercises, but she is also a mom whose children were very, very young at the time; she was constantly multi-tasking and never had an uninterrupted moment of rest.  In addition to benefiting from the peace yoga provided, she was also delighted to discover the toning effects that yoga has on the body.  She expected increased flexibility, but these longer, leaner muscles too?  Hello!  Joybeth knew that she wanted to teach yoga one day, and so when her children were older she got her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification.  She is honored to share the practice of yoga at Gemstone Climbing Center

Theron Thomas, Fitness Instructor

Our ZEN INSPIRED YOGA ROOM has been designed to heat up and cool down to facilitate a variety of classes, including heated yoga and non heated yoga. We have recruited some of the area’s best instructors to offer a full spectrum of classes for the young, old, male, female, beginners, and advanced. Whether you want to strengthen, lengthen, stretch or relax, we are here for you.

Our athlete inspired FITNESS AREA has the equipment and tools necessary for general fitness and to propel any basic climber to an elite climber. Whether it’s strength training, cardio, or climbing specific system training, we have the tools and equipment necessary: bikes, treadmills, elliptical, rowers, training rig, squat racks, climbing ropes, sled, kettle bells, dumb bells, monkey bars, peg boards, salmon ladder, and more.

To get the most out of your practice and enjoy the experience, we recommend that you:

Arrive 10 minutes early.
Discuss any health issues with your teacher.
Don’t come to class on a full stomach.
Bring water.
Wear something you can sweat in.
Yoga mats and yoga towels are provided free of charge.
Listen to your body.
Take breaks often.