Thank you for your employment interest in Gemstone Climbing!

We are hiring an Opening Full Time Key Holder. If you are interested please drop off your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter must include why you would be a good fit at Gemstone, why you want to work at Gemstone, a brief summary of your experience as it relates to Gemstone, your available hours and three references. We look forward to hearing from you!
The day shift key holder is essentially an Assistant Floor Manager and reports to the Floor manager. The Key Holder will be the person that opens the gym every morning during the week.

Additional Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Inspecting property, amenities, and equipment to ensure operable condition
  • Consulting with FM on any concerns with the aforementioned, making decisions on own if GM and FM are not reachable.
  • Perform the excellent customer service behaviors
  • Answering the phone and being knowledgeable in our programming to answer questions
  • Be informed of all new and upcoming events, inviting customers to such events
  • Handle customer complaints with grace and resolve issues with a "plus one" attitude
  • Oversees completion of Opening/Closing Checklists
  • Completes maintenance according to schedule and need
  • Reconciling of the cash drawers
  • Maintaining cleanliness of facility (climbing floor, foyer, locker rooms, fitness areas, etc.)
  • Performing belay tests and classes for new clients
  • Performing incident investigations for incidents reported on shift
  • Assisting Program Director in preparing events when needed
  • Maintaining the Rock Gym Pro system to ensure events are booking correctly in absence of PD
  • Completing Routine 15-minute floor walks to ensure customer satisfaction/safety
  • Other requested items from the Floor Manager
Division of responsibilities by time:
  • Front Desk Duties - 70%
  • Facility Maintenance-10%
  • Cleaning Activities-15%
  • Floor Walks-5%
Qualifications and education requirements:
  • CWA certified instructor (top rope and lead belay) (must be obtained after hire)
  • First-Aid and CPR certifications (to be acquired)
  • Proficiency in Rock Gym Pro software (will be trained)
Additional notes:
  • When the General Manager and Floor Manager are not present at the gym, the Key Holder oversees client satisfaction, staff, staff training, gym safety, gym maintenance, and retail sales.

Other Positions!

We are always accepting resumes for qualified and trainable climbing coaches! If you are interested in applying at Gemstone Climbing, please bring in a resume and a cover letter. Your cover letter must include why you would be a good fit at Gemstone, summary of your experience as it pertains to Gemstone Climbing, why you would want to work here and your available hours. Your resume must include three references. We look forward to hearing from you!